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Helping Airline Pilots And Other Professionals Enjoy Retirement 

With Lasting Financial Peace Of Mind.

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Over a typical 25 to 30 year retirement, your cost of living will double (at trendline inflation of 3%). Do you have a plan to double your income AFTER you've stopped working? Let's make one:

  • Create income (WITHOUT annuities)

  • Reduce taxes

  • Invest wisely 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

- Leonardo DaVinci

I understood (Hughen)...and hoped that he would spend some time in an armchair drinking beer.

-Ernest k. gann, "fate is the hunter"

People's gut-level emotional wants are always and everywhere the mortal enemy of return.

- Nick Murray

When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.

 -Thomas Sowell

 The sole function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

- John Kenneth Galbraith

 Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.

 - Omar Bradley

 Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe. 

 - Mark Twain

Incentives are everything. Incentives are superpowers.

-Charlie Munger


From the book BY NICK MURRAY

“Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth”

“You can, theoretically, make a lifetime financial and investment plan for yourself, fund it with an appropriately diversified portfolio of the right kinds of equity mutual funds, and blissfully accumulate your way to wealth, ignoring all the manias and panics which will surely afflict the markets between now and the time you will retire.

You can then — still on your own — decide how those assets are to be deployed in retirement, such that you can withdraw a lifestyle-sustaining income that keeps up with the ever-increasing cost of living, and still leaves a meaningful legacy to your heirs. None of this is, strictly speaking, impossible. The question: is it probable?

My experience indicates that it is not. I know two truths, and believe they are decisive. First, there is a qualified, caring, and committed financial advisor for you. Second, the value of that advisor to you and your family — in incremental return, in mistakes not made, in time and worry you needn’t expend trying to do it yourself — will greatly exceed the cost of the advice.”

From “Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth,” 20th Anniversary Edition, pp. 30-31. Used by permission. The Nick Murray Company, Inc. www.nickmurray.com


Freedom Capital Management partners with GeoWealth Management LLC to provide investment management services to our clients.

Financial Planning

These four statements condense the broad universe of financial planning.

It all comes down to one binary question for the average person: will my money outlive me, or will I outlive my money?

  • All successful investing is in service to a plan. 
  • All failed investing is centered on news headlines and performance chasing. 
  • The truth is always simple.
  • Goal (where you want to go), plan (how to get there), then investments (the vehicle). In that order.

Asset Map

Freedom Capital Management uses a tool called Income Lab. With Income Lab, we can optimize how much you can spend in retirement, alleviating the fear of running out of money, not by timing the market, which is impossible, but by adjusting spending based on current economic variables.

Would you like to see Income Lab in action? 



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About Ed Schweitzer

Edward Schweitzer CFP® Photo

Edward Schweitzer CFP®

Ed grew up in an airline family: his father was a pilot for American Airlines, and his mother was a stewardess (a term she insisted upon). A graduate of Parks College of Saint Louis University, Ed was a pilot for USAirways from 1988 to 2005, first as a flight engineer on the B-727, then as a first officer on the DC-9, B-737/300, and finally the Airbus A-320.

After USAirways entered bankruptcy, Ed decided to change careers and has been in financial services since 2005. For more than a decade, Ed worked for Edelman Financial Services, one of the top independent investment advisors in the nation.

Ed then formed Freedom Capital Management to provide lasting financial peace of mind to his clients.

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